Sabrina E Kent


My beautiful future constituents of the 165th, I thank you in advance for your support in electing me as your next representative to the Georgia House of Representative #165. I will be stepping into some big shoes, to fill the seat which Representative Mickey Stephens Held, to care for the families in the 165th. I promise I will do more than my best to not disappoint any of you. I have served in our community for more the 25 years working with, helping and being a voice for All the people, on various issues in many capacities within our community.

The Leadership Our City Needs

My goal is to work hand in hand with my colleagues, for the benefit and future of All our constitutes here in Chatham County.


Wage Reform

Increase Minimum Wage

$48 Minimum Wage
  • Put my feet down, and my heart into making sure, our government serve as we say we would. Yes, minimum wage should be $48.00 hour. Don’t ask why let me give you a quick breakdown. I came out of school in 1976 if our government had been fair and given $1.00 increase in minimum wage every year from 1976 to current year 2021, minimum wage would be $48.00 hour. That’s fair, why because all the big retailers, large companies are making and increasing by billions quarterly, not to mention what that make in the market. And let’s not forget the support they receive from our government. Remember it is the dollars of the struggling poor and middle class that keep these companies in business, we also work for them, however we get paid nothing.

Now if they paid decent wages not only would their business thrive, but so would we, so would our communities, so would the decrease in crime. The real hard question we should ask ourselves, why want our government to sign a better minimum wages bill into law effective immediately?

Women Equal Pay
  • Women in the workplace not receiving equal pay as her male counter partners, women are just as intelligent as the male CEO’s yet are paid less. The companies love our charm our ideas our professionalism, but obviously not enough to pay us what they pay our male counter partners.

Sex Trafficking

Protect our babies

Stiffer Penalties
  • I will write a bill for stiffer penalties to be placed on the predators who traffic our children and seem to walk away with a slap on the wrist. We live in the United States of America not a third world country or foreign where this form of life is allowed.
Better Efforts

I want to see stiffer penalties in place that would give these, rappers, child selling the death penalty when found, rather on America soil or foreign soil. These are babes as young as 4 years old being sold to old men nasty men for sex.

Senior Care

Better Care and Transportation

  • Making sure our elderly has the needed accommodations for their comforts in life. Such as the transportation to and from doctor appointments, making sure their prescriptions are delivered to them safely and in a timely matter.
  • I would like to work with my collogens and making sure we always have a study flow of income for companies who are providing transportation services to our elder, with quarterly audits and accountability.

Youth Outreach

Listen to the Youth

Stop The Violence
  • My beautiful young people you all are the future, and every week of having to bury one of you just do not work for me. So please for me stop the VIOLENCE and let you and me. Name the place and time and I’m there PLEASE. I’m going to the State House for YOU.
Youth Round Table

I need and want to hear from my young adults, you all want something, you all need something in the cities where you live, please reach out to me lets have a round table and chop it up about what you all want. I’m sincere about making your lives better.

About Sabrina E Kent

Ms. Sabrina E Greene-Kent a Mom, Grandmother, Sister, and Auntie,
Ms. Sabrina is full of love for not just her family but for her extended family (Our Community of All People).

Ms. Sabrina has been a volunteer public servant in our community for over 25years, she also put her time in volunteering in our Chatham County public school system.

Ms. Sabrina is a 42 year retail general manager, 10 years Publication manager with the government (contractor with Lockheed Martin), and as she so eloquently states her proud and joy next to being Mom is representing ILA1414 as their payroll specialist better known as “Check lady” & “Boss lady”.

Ms. Sabrina has worked and continues to work for the people not for recognition, but for the joy of seeing the smile on someone’s face, the joy in their hearts, from the relief of knowing.


Mission & Values

Ms. Sabrina has done, what she said she would do. Ms. Sabrina is the TRUTH! She always keeps it real. She does not hide that she has the same struggles as many of her neighbors, but she fights and when she fights, she’ll fight for all, with her all.

Ms. Sabrina E Greene-Kent has been raised in her purpose; she lives her purpose. Many describe her as; wise, hardworking, great influence, a great leader, trustworthy, a loving mother and faithful to GOD.

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